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 The object of the game is to guess where the “centre of the football” is. It is not about where the ball is in the original photo but where our judges deem the centre of the ball to be.
£1 gets you 4 guesses - that’s only 25p per chance.

1st Prize winner is paid £1000 cash and a £100 bonus going to their club.

2nd Prize winner is paid £200 with £20 bonus going to their club.

3rd Prize winner is paid £100 with £10 going to their club.

After the closing date of the competition, the same 'Spot the Ball' picture you used to choose your coordinates is shown to a judging panel comprised of experts. In the presence of an independent lawyer, they mark where they think, in their professional opinion, the centre of the ball should be.

The winner is simply the person who is closest to the judged position.

If two or more players are equidistant from the winning coordinate, we will then look at the next best guess of those two players. Whoever had the next closest guess out of these two players will be deemed the winner.
If you have won, you will be sent an email by our prize team. If you don’t respond to this, we will try to call you. The winning club will be notified, so they can make claim to their bonus prize.